Paper Title: Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks with Dispersed Generation by Pareto Optimality and Evolution Strategies

Tomoiaga, Bogdan; Chindris, M.

7th Balkan Power Conference 2008, Šibenik, Croatia, 10-12 September 2008, ISBN: 978-961-243-091-7

In an open electricity market environment, dispersed generation is predicted to play an important position. A high level of penetration and dispersion with distributed generators of an electric network imposes some additional problems; among them, of significant importance is the reconfiguration. The problem of reconfiguration has become more difficult because the customers ask more and more quality in power supply and reliability. The paper presents an original algorithm, aiming to find out the optimal open-looped points of electrical distribution networks with dispersed generation in order to obtain optimal radial configurations using Pareto optimality and evolution strategies.

reconfiguration, DISTRIBUTION NETWORK RECONFIGURATION FOR LOSS MINIMIZATION IN PRESENCE OF DISTRIBUTED GENERATION, Distribution System Optimization; Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm; Network Reconfiguration; Power Losses; Reliability, Power Distribution System Reconfiguration, Multi-objective Optimization Using NSGA-II, Multi-objective Optimization Using NSGA-II for Power Distribution System Reconfiguration, Pareto front, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Optimal Multi-objective Distribution System Reconfiguration, Optimal Multi-objective Distribution System Reconfiguration With Multi Criteria Decision Making-based Solution Ranking and Enhanced Genetic Operators, Distribution System, Angela Russo, Gianfranco Chicco, Andrea Mazza, Enhanced Genetic Operators, Multi Criteria Decision Making-based Solution Ranking, Network Topology, Algorithm Design and analysis, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Power Losses, Network Reconfiguration, Multicriteria decision making, Topological Reconfiguration, Reliability, Optimization Methods, Electric Power Distribution Systems, Distribution Operation Planning, Distribution Network Reconfiguration Software, Power Engineering Computing, Power Distribution Planning, Decision Making, Optimisation, Considering Subtransmission Analysis, Multicriteria Distribution Network Reconfiguration, Multicriteria Distribution Network Reconfiguration Considering Subtransmission Analysis, Probabilistic Reliability Models, Power Loss, Search Algorithm, 33-bus Distribution System, Search Problems, Power Distribution Reliability, Probabilistic Reliability Model, Distribution System Reconfiguration, Reconfiguration of Power Distribution Systems Considering Reliability and Power Loss, Considering Reliability and Power Loss, Reconfiguration of Power Distribution Systems, Reliability Indices, Power System Losses, Power Quality, Multiobjective Optimisation Problem, Algorithm, Microgenetic Multiobjective Reconfiguration, Evolutionary-based Approach, Electrical Power Distribution Networks, Power Supply Quality, Genetic Algorithms, Microgenetic Multiobjective Reconfiguration Algorithm Considering Power Losses and Reliability Indices for Medium Voltage Distribution Network, Medium Voltage Distribution Network, Power Losses and Reliability Indices, Microgenetic Multiobjective Reconfiguration Algorithm, Co Opted State Reconfiguration, Power Losses Reduction, Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithms, Load Balancing, Optimal Distribution System Reconfiguration Using Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA-II), Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm, Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II (NSGA-II), Optimal Distribution System Reconfiguration, Reconfiguration NSGA, Pareto Frontier, NSGA, Pareto Optimality, Dispersed Generation, Reconfiguration, Distribution Networks, Pareto