Paper Title: Approach for Optimal Reconfiguration of a Distribution System
Authors: Tomoiaga, B., Chindris, M.
Publication: 2nd International Conference on Modern Power Systems - MPS 2008, Acta Electrotehnica, Cluj-Napoca, 12-14 November 2008, pp. 65-68, ISSN: 1841-332
Keywords: reconfiguration, Pareto
he configuration management (reconfiguration) of an electric distribution system consists in exchanging of functioning links between its elements in order to improve different performances. Since 1975, when Merlin and Back introduced this concept for loss reduction, until present, a lot of methods and algorithms to solve this multi-criteria problem have been developed. Based on different heuristics or evolution strategies, these methods solve the problem by reducing it as a
mono-criteria problem with restrictions. This represents a major inconvenient because there are a lot of indices that must be taken into account in the optimisation process, especially in modern power systems, where distributed generation is predicted to play an important position and customers ask more and more reliability and quality in power supply. In this paper, authors propose a generalized paradigm to formulate this problem using Pareto optimality concept. In order to solve the problem, in the paper is also presented an original algorithm and its implementation based on evolution strategies.