Paper Title: Distribution system reconfiguration using genetic algorithm based on connected graphs

Tomoiaga, Bogdan; Chindris, M.; Sumper, Andreas; Villafafila-Robles, R.; Sudrià-Andreu, A.

Electric Power Systems Research 104 (2013): 216-225 DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.epsr.2013.06.021

The reconfiguration of a power distribution system, by exchanging the functional links between its elements, represents one of the most important procedures to improve the performance in the operation of a distribution system. The optimization through reconfiguration (or optimal reconfiguration) of a power distribution system is not a new problem but still represents a difficult one and is specified in some strategies for smart grids. The paper addresses this problem as a single objective one, where, as main criterion, active power losses have been chosen. There is no unique acceptance regarding which approach (based on heuristics, meta-heuristics, genetic algorithms, etc.) is the most proper to use in order to solve this problem. The most important thing is how the specific knowledge of the problem domain is used and modeled in the implementation. Moreover, the indices which can quantify the quality of a reconfiguration method consist in runtime and the obtained solution and these indices can be confirmed only by experimental results. In order to solve the problem (to search and find the optimal solution) an original genetic algorithm based on connected graphs is proposed. Comparative tests performed on some test systems demonstrated the accuracy and the promptness of the proposed algorithm.

Electrical Engineering, Graph Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid, Power, Genetic Algorithms, Graph/Network Algorithms, Smartgrid Computing, SmartGrids, Smart Grid and Microgrid, Power System - SCADA and Smart Grid Applications, Smart grids, Distribution Generation, Dispersed Generation, Optimization Technology, Optimization techniques, Graph Theory and Algorithm, Electrical, Power system distribution, Electrical Power Distribution Network Optimization with Distributed Generation and Smartgrids, Distribution network, Electrical Power Distribution, Artificial Inteligence, Inteligencia artificial, Power system reliability, control and stability, Power System analysis, Power Systems, Electric Power Systems, Power System, “DISTRIBUTION NETWORK RECONFIGURATION FOR LOSS MINIMIZATION IN PRESENCE OF DISTRIBUTED GENERATION”, LOSSES IN POWER SYSTEMS, • Power Systems Loss Minimisation, Power Losses, Reducing Loss in Power Line, Low Power Lossy Networks, Loss Reduction in Power Distribution Network, Optimisation of Power Losses, Distributed Generation, Reconfiguration, and Power Distribution Systems