Paper Title: La traduction des métaphores du langage quotidien

Tomoiaga, Maria-Alexandrina

Atelier de Traduction, Numéro 19 (2013), pp 77-93, ISSN 1584-1804

Our approach to translation is based on Eugenio Coseriu’s linguistic theory and on the American cognitive view of extralinguistic semantics. In order to illustrate the translation from Romanian into French of metaphors used in spoken language, we propose a selection of metaphors organised into six specific traditional fields. The case study regarding certain metaphors aims at demonstrating the fact that the object of translation is not the meaning, but the designation and the significance, which highlight differences that are rather cultural than lexical. So as to have access to the designation, we will make use of the work methods which are specific to Lakovian cognitive semantics: the conceptual metaphor and the conceptual mapping.

Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, Cognitive Semantics, Metaphor, Translation, Traduction, Translation Studies, Semantics, Translation theory, Conceptual Metaphor, Metaphors, Languages and Linguistics, Linguistic Metaphor, Designation, De Saussure, Ferdinand de Saussure, Saussure, Humboldt, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Lakoff and Johnson, Lakoff, Lakoff, George, George Lakoff, Coseriu Eugeniu, Coseriu, Eugeniu Coseriu, Coseriu, Eugenio, Eugenio Coseriu, Semantique Cognitive, Sémantique, Metaphore Conceptuelle, Métaphore, Traduction Et Linguistique, Théories de traduction, Traducere, Translation and Interpretation, Nomination, Denomination, Designation, Designare, Lingvistica Integrala, Semantica Cognitiva, Semantica, Linguistics,semantics, Cognitive Grammar, Corpus Linguistics; Semantics; Cognitive Linguistics, Semantics, Cognitive linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics (semantics of Prepositions), Cognitive Lexical Semantics, Integral Linguistics, Metafora Conceptuala, Metafora, conceptual metaphor theory (CMT), blending theory (BT), critical metaphor analysis (CMA) and critical dscourse analysis (CDA), Translation of conceptual metaphor, Cognitive linguistics (especially metaphor and metonymy, conceptualization of emotions and relationship between language, mind, and culture), Metaphor, Translation, Terminology, Conceptual Metaphor Theory